Manifest with the Moon #1 INSTANT ACCESS REPLAY

Manifest with the Moon #1 INSTANT ACCESS REPLAY


Please note:

  1. This purchase gets you a lifetime recording of the replay. The live event has already occured.

  2. Your download will be a PDF which contains a link to download the video as well as a PDF copy of the slideshow from the workshop.

The astrological year truly begins with this POWERFUL, POTENT Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse during the Cold Moon, or the Wolf Moon of January.

This, our FIRST full moon of 2019 - and the true beginning of the astrological year is a FERTILE time for planting seeds and laying out the map of the year energetically.

This 2 HOUR Virtual Workshop will SUPERCHARGE your MANIFESTATIONS for 2019.

  • Plan for, Observe and Honor the cycles of cosmic energy so that you flow rather than fight to bring your biggest MAGICK into this coming year.

  • Fiscal Year Cosmic Planner:
    Plan quarter by quarter! Intentional planning with actionable steps, break down your year in to the four quarters astrologically!

  • Education on Moon Power: Harness The Moon’s phases to plot your manifesting windows for best results.

  • Virtual Ceremony: Activate, release, and call in the NEW for 2019 - honor what you learned last year and let the universe know you’re ready to make magick!

  • Step-by-step, actionable manifestation techniques you can use to support you for LIFE!

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