• Project Inception

    We've settled the boring admin pieces of contract and deposit, now the fun begins! We try to keep this week starting on Monday's just for ease of scheduling. You will receive an in-depth questionnaire to dig in to in your favourite cosy corner with tipple of choice in hand. These answers provide me with direction for our first brand presentation. You will also receive a welcome pack at this point with links to our out-of-office calendar, links to book catch-up calls and any other need-to-know info, along with an invite to a shared Dropbox space and an invite to an Asana space where we will track progress of the project.

  • design round one

    studio This week, we review your questionnaire answers and horizontal market partners (we don't like to say competitors!) and get to work on the first draft of your brand design. We aim to get you your round one presentation and walkthrough video by the Friday this week.

    you During this week, you begin work on gathering your website content. In your welcome pack you will recieve a guide on how to organise your website copy (wording) and images to send over to us. You still have plenty of time on this, but it's worth having it prepared for when we turn to web design so as not to delay the project. If you require a copywriter to help you with the writing of your web copy, we've got some super cool gals on board that can help for an additional fee.

  • feedback & edits on the brand

    you After reviewing the first brand presentation you will get feedback to us on specifics. Detail anything you love, anythig you don't love, any specific edits you'd like to see at this stage. At this stage you will also recieve a checklist of things to get in line ready for the website stage of the project.

    studio Once we've received your feedback on the draft brand design, we will take time to implement these edits before putting together presentation round two.

    you After reviewing the second brand presentation you will get feedback to us on specifics. Hopefully by this point we have nailed anything you wanted to achieve, but if not this is when we make any final tweaks to design elements of the brand.

    studio If there are any final edits to the brand design, we work on implementing those and begin organising final design files for the end presentation.

  • transitioning to the website

    studio This week, you will receive your final brand presentation and once signed off, your final brand files. This includes both print and web versions of all brand files, logos etc. to keep and begin using immediately.

    you This week you will be asked to formally sign off on the brand design. Once that is completed (by way of a digital form) you will receive final brand files and can get to implementing those across your social media! At this point, you should also have your wesbite content all but finalised ready to send over for first stage web design.

  • Website mockups

    studio We get to work on mocking up 3 key pages of your website. These will be delivered in the form of flat PDF files for you to get a feel for how the website will look. If your content isn't finalised at this stage, we will use palceholder content in the meantime.

    you Once you've received the web mockup PDFs you will have the opportunity to suggest edits/feedback on the overall design. Things like 'could we use x colour instead of y colour for headers, can we make that banner image a slideshow gallery of header images, can we justify that text centered as opposed to left etc. You should have your content finalised and in the shared Dropbox area at this point.

    studio We take those edits on board and build out a wireframe version of the site as per your edit suggestions using your finalised content. A wireframe is a basic working version of the website that is not yet live, but gives you a feel for how the website flows and functions.

  • building, testing & implementation

    you At this point, we will schedule a zoom call to walk through the site together and you can have a feel of how the website functions and flows. At this point, you can suggest further edits which we can implement live on the call.

    studio After the implementation and testing zoom call, we will get to work on ensuring that the website is optimised for use across devices of all sizes. This can be a lengthy process of coding and we may need to get in touch to discuss options if a particular website feature doesn't translate well on a mobile display to decide what to do in its place.

  • Finishing touches

    you This week, we will be reaching out for you to send over any last minute edits. You will be given a deadline cut-off point to send these over by so as not to delay the project's launch date. It is at this point we also send you instructions on how to add billing information to the website in preparation to set it live.

    studio We leave time open this week to implement any last minute edits you may have. We also begin the process of connecting your domain (this info is detailed in your launch checklist you will have received in week 3). We mutually agree a time next week to both be available for the final QA checks and live launch!