launch design

// damn that's a good lookin' course

You launch your new product because it's what you do best - but what about all the things you *don't* necessarily do best? Why not have your product brand design, opt-ins/lead magnets, supplemental PDFs, course/presentation slides, social media promo graphics and sales page all designed in one place - right here! Take the stress out of launching your awesome product and have it designed from conception to reality for you.

investment: £2,500

billed across three monthly payments


your launch, handled.

// put your feet up, honey

Including all the amazingness of tier 1, this option takes you a step higher in the process with all of the above plus full tech set up, webinar assistance, launch strategy mapping and planning, sprint/scrum timeline creation, and marketing + seo consulting throughout the entire process.

investment: £3,300

billed across three monthly payments


launch consulting

// i've got the a's to your q's

All set with your course design and tech, but unsure of the best practises when it comes to launching? This here is for you! Sessions range from 45 minutes for one specific pain point to be worked on, to two hours for a real deep dive in to launch strategy and course structure.

If you choose a two hour session, you will receive a bonus bespoke launch strategy roadmap to follow along with throughout your process.

45 minutes: £129
2 hours with strategy map: £349

billed prior to our booked session