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Ever wondered why people use the term 'brand you'? As cringey a term as it is, creating your own UNIQUE, COHESIVE and CONSISTENT branding identity and strategy is up there with the most important aspects of running a creative blog or business. Find out more about why self-branding is SO crucial, and download my free social media branding templates by clicking through this pin! 

Let me be real for a second..

I'm not all that happy with the inspiration behind this post, but it's important I tell you guys why it's relevant. You know you get some followers who you just think 'YES. They get me, they love everything and they're why I do this.'

Ring any bells? More often then not, they're awesome. They interact with you on social media and you have a great relationship with them. Other times, seemingly out of the blue, you suddenly notice them emulating what you do, how you brand yourself and *for want of a better term* copying you.

Now, my job is to help you any way that I can. Anyone will tell you my response time to emails is super fast, I'll always answer your questions however I can. Hell, almost all of my blog posts are tips and tricks for you all to achieve blogging success and branding consistency. 

It's usually the best feeling in the world when I see people actioning my advice and being successful in their efforts. It's the best! No feeling beats that. But there's a difference between inspiration and imitation.

And that happened to me recently. And it sucked. I found myself thinking 'No, no way. I'm being paranoid. Surely not?' but the more I looked, the more I found direct copies of my ideas, my business structure and even my wording. I wasn't being vain or conceited, they were copying me.

So what did I do?

I didn't want to confront them, I didn't want to make them feel shitty and I was pretty sure they'd just plead ignorance anywho. So, I decided to write this here post on why it's so important to create your own brand identity online so you can become recognisable in your own community.

Why is it so important to be your own brand?

I want to use one of my favourite social media mavens as a case study for this.. Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective has been one of my favourite bloggers for a long, long time. I know that anything she puts out there is fucking rad, and that it'll help me in my business. 

I want you to head over to The Nectar Collective in a minute and take a look around. Sink it in. Notice anything in particular? Her blog graphics are so identifiable. If I'm scrolling through Pinterest and I see a flash of buttercup yellow and aqua blue, I immediately stop scrolling. Without even checking the source I know it's Melyssa and I know I'll want to pin it. 

I find myself getting a lil' brain trigger if I see these colours irl, too. The other day I was in a stationary store and walked past a yellow and blue diary with a pink label. TNC immediately popped in to my head, and suddenly my read for the train ride home was decided.

You want to have this same effect with your followers

Now, I don't want to deduce this to colours and colours alone, but even with your words. If you have a go to phrase, a mantra or a preferred hashtag, you're damn right that should be on all of your social media profiles or Instagram tags. If you're a sweary person, make that part of your brand. Nothing is off limits. Your people, your tribe, will flock to you for who you are, how you make them feel and what you're capable of.

Even the image of you on your website needs to be present on your other channels. Be recognisable. Be a brand leader, don't be a copy cat. 

Keep track of how you describe your blog or business to people in a Google doc or phone's Notes app. Remember what this is. This is how you're going to brand yourself.

One last important tip, and this ones the kicker..

If you see someone you admire online writing a certain blog post or advertising a certain service or product and it inspires you to do the same? Make sure you know your shit. It can be an insult to the people you're channeling if you don't. If they've been hustling like crazy learning their craft, understanding their niche market, planning their business strategy to a tee and grafting for their clients, for someone to waltz in with no merit or plan and straight up copy what they offer? Nah. No thank you. 

Imagine the day you land your first project, the elation you'll feel, and then they ask you to do something you said you could do, but really can't.

Word travels fast in these circles, and that's why I'm urging you all to find your unicorn skill and nurture it.

Respect and nurture your incredible capabilities

Hustle. Put in the hours. Learn your market inside and out. You can't afford to wing it if you want this to be your career!

Everyone has a skill they absolutely nail and this is something somebody else probably needs help with. You run a personal style blog? AWESOME. Let me drool over your Instagram feed to inspire my wardrobe.

You're a pro at journaling? YAAAS. I love me some planner porn. Tell me how to use my planner effectively!

You have killer skills with Social Media Marketing? COOL. Where can I sign up for your course?

You can write HTML and know ConvertKit like the back of your hand? GOD BLESS YOU. Can you help me make a beautiful email template? (no really, I seriously need help with this).

What I'm saying is..

You are capable of amazing things all on your own. Sure, take inspiration from those you admire, but channel that inspiration toward creating something from your own ideas. Trust me, the pride you feel at the end of it will supersede how you'll feel doing it any other way.

And that's why I made you this..

You will find below a downloadable package of every social media template you may need for your branding. I can't wait to see you design your own graphics fitting perfectly to your style, and start bringing uniquecohesive branding in to your blogs and businesses, and that counts for putting a personal flair on the products/services you offer, too! Pop your details down below to claim your free templates package.

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