How to use the Pomodoro Technique to feed your Creativity

  If you're anything like me and find it hard to focus on your daily tasks when there are so many, you NEED the Pomodoro technique and the daily planner I've created for you! Segment your day in to numerous 20 minute blocks with room for your favourite pass-times, and wait until you see how much more creative and inspired you feel! Free download of my Pomodoro daily planner at!

Oh god I love this method.

Like, I really love this method.

I first heard about the Pomodoro technique during a call with my coach and amazing lady boss pal Els. She suggested I give it a try when I was talking {complaining} about being torn between employing a militant level of day planning and the desire of freedom that comes alongside running your own business. Yes, I dictate my own working hours, but when I have a list of tasks I need to get through in a day, I see the mountain, I don't see the steps.

Enter the pomodoro technique

Imagine a gospel choir hitting a super high harmony all in unison. Their hands are raised to the skies and their smiles go for DAYS. That's what happened in my head the next day when I implemented this method. 

Basically, you download the Pomodoro Time app (I have the free version), set it to 20minutes and get to work on your most important task of the day. Then, when the timer goes off, you have 3 choices:

  1. Reset the clock and continue on that task for a further 20 minutes
  2. Pick up another task on your to-do list for the next 20 minutes
  3. Pick something off of a 'nice to do' list to do for the next 20 minutes

I find that after about half an hour on one sole task I start to get distracted and demotivated, and before I know it I'm taking the oven apart and cleaning it very thoroughly, trying to tell myself 'this is productive, if this oven is clean I will make more sales' {side note: I hate this part of my head}. So, although I can and now often DO choose to continue on the same task for a consecutive 20 minutes, having the choice to actively continue or pick something else and for it to be *okay* is enough to spur me on. 

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Similarly, attacking a mound of tasks in small, bite-sized chunks is proving freaking AWESOME for my productivity and creativity. If I feel myself getting in to a slump, I consult my 'nice to-do' list for a little break. Items on my 'nice to-do' list are small activities I can fit in to 20 minutes that leave me feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated. My list goes as follows:

  • Walk to the store and pick up fresh flowers
  • Tidy up my working space whilst listening to a lady boss podcast
  • Sorting out the laundry whilst listening to a lady boss podcast {are you noticing yet that lady boss podcasts dull my pain of doing chores?}
  • Change the bed linen whilst, you guessed it, listening to a lady boss podcast
  • Pack up my shit and head to the coffee shop for a change in environment
  • Do a quick yoga routine from Yoga With Adriene
  • Brew a camomile tea and catch up on my YouTube subscriptions

I tend to pick one nice to-do for the morning, and one for the afternoon. Any and all of these tasks make me feel zen. Even the chores, if I'm listening to my favourite female entrepreneurs on their podcasts whilst doing them, I get new ideas and drive for when I return to the need to-do tasks of the day. Having forced or scheduled down time sounds silly to some, but to me, if I turn on YouTube and I don't have a timer on the clock, I WILL still be there three hours later.

And that's why I made this day planner for you

You may try this technique and hate it, but I bet you'll love it.

For that reason, I've created you some pastel coloured super cute daily planning sheets with 8 hours worth of 20 minute blocks for you to fill out your segmented tasks and get to work! Print off as many as you like, mix and match colours, make it your own, and then go make the magic happen in your business.

Download the free day planner!

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