Why we switched from byLucinda to Eileva Tide Studio

why we switched.jpg

Well, shit, she's blogging. What a novelty! 

There's nothing quite like the lure of a new year. In reality, the only difference between 31st December and 1st January is that one is a Sunday and one is a Monday. That's it. But something about a fresh journal, planner and calendar don't-half breed inspiration and the excitement of a 'fresh start', do they?!

Truth be told, I've had Eileva Tide on the mind since February 2017. The name of it written in my office, the domains purchased, the logos and colours selected, I was waiting for the right time. And when is the right time, really? There will always (at least hopefully) always be lots of clients to transition, small niggly admin bits to tie up, collateral to re-design and services to niche. You may recall it was a goal of mine to go full-on design studio by October 2017 but life got in the way as it tends to do; an excuse we all fall back on one time or another. I set Eileva Tide aside and hoped to bring it to fruition sometime during summer 2018. 

And yet there I was, two weeks off for the holidays with a brain full of ideas and inspired motivation. I think the exact words I said aloud to myself, were "oh fuck it, go on then." - hardly the most poetic of inceptions, eh?

byLucinda was a Creative Virtual Assistant. And to an extent, I still am. I still harbour every skill for any tech tool under the sun, but as a designer, you just aren't taken quite as seriously if you're a bit of both. Not to mention my heart lies in the design and the relentless admin tasks can be somewhat draining on one's creativity. 

So, what's changed?

As a design studio, we're still providing services in all things creative. From graphics, to custom CSS, to branding and websites. And as far as techy, more VA focussed services, they will reside only in our Launch Support packages.

It's unbelievably exciting to think about what the year ahead holds! If you want to find out more about our services, click here >>

What's the end goal?

My dream is for Eileva Tide Studio to be a source of inspiration for others. Not just a brand & web studio, not just a blog, but also a lifestyle brand for all things woman. My intention is to ultimately expand in to podcast, Youtube, workshops, courses, and focus more on visual channels like Instagram. 

I so hope you're as excited about this as I am! Change is scary, but it's also an opportunity to show up and slay. I am so grateful to have you here with me on this journey!