Are you ready to go full-time in your business?

Is anyone ever ready for a life change like this? I know I wasn't ready, but I was prepared. I want to share with you the exact planning methods I used to launch my business without a hitch. This 3 part series has already helped over 200 people go full-time in their businesses sooner than they expected. Get your place in now at

If you had asked me even two months before I quit my job if I felt ready to quit and go full-time, I would've laughed in your face and walked away weeping. Ergo, the answer would've been no. What I learned soon after was that it's difficult to ever feel prepared for a life decision like this. As the story goes, I was having a shitty day when I felt a sudden wave of encouragement, determination and sheer bloody-mindedness and 6 weeks later I was sat at my desk ready for my first day as a full-time business owner.

How did I know I was ready?

I didn't. But I knew I was DONE with the same-shit-different-day cycle of my day job. I knew what could go wrong if I quit, and so I worked backwards. What ensued was a highly intensive month of considering every possible outcome, good or bad, and what to do if that scenario arose. I drowned in spreadsheets, whiteboard flowcharts, pinterest boards, Chrome bookmarks and contracts until I could plan no more.

What did I do next?

I hustled my little ass off. Within 2 weeks I had gained 4 clients from zero, and this pushed me to capacity alongside my day job. I worked out the average income each client would bring me, and I worked my packages in a way that would cover all bills when I left work if I had only those 4 for a while after. As it turned out, 4 became 8 within 10 days of going full-time, and so I then had more planning to do.

What happened when the dust settled?

The dust never settles. It still doesn't feel real when people ask where I work and I say "I run my own business." at 23. What I've learned is that it is a continuous process executing innovation that seamlessly grows with my business model.

Well, what now? Prep. Hustle. Execute.

I've been through this, I worked out the scenarios that may arise and I beat them down. I planned meticulously. I worked out by trial and error the best online tools I needed to be successful. I did all this whilst studying a full-time degree and working a day job. It was stressful. 

I want to give you this information so you can feel prepared and confident to go forth and get your service based business off the ground. On September 30th I will be releasing a FREE 3 part guidebook series walking you through the process of going full-time and quitting your day job. 

Part 1: Prep

We take it back to basics with this first part in the series. We evaluate together who your customer is and where to find them. We work out the very minimum your rates must be to at least break even and work out your capacity ready for part 2.

Part 2: Hustle

Let's work on the collateral! Contracts, pricing, packages. We need these things in line before we even consider taking on clients. Trust me. Once we have our adminny shit together, we move on to getting your first client!

Part 3: Execute

Pssst.. this is my favourite part! This is where we get that notice letter written and handed in, and your business calendar set up so you can hit the ground running. We also go over a few of our fail safes that cover the what-ifs.

What's more? I'll be on hand throughout the entire process to ease any worries, calm any nerves and generally give you a kick up the arse as and when it's required.

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