5 Reasons it's so important for bloggers to know their cameras inside and out

I've said it before and I'll say it again - god bless the Blogger servers for losing all of my very early  blog photos years ago. The less I see of those things the better. These were the days when I used to take outfit pictures in the mirror with my iPhone or get my Mum to take them for me in my bedroom. Talk about quality content much. I got my first DSLR when I was 18 after completing my Photography A Level with a little digital compact camera. I saved up for months and then put my savings toward the main present from my parents for my birthday. It was an entry level Canon EOS 1100D. It served me for 4 years. I loved it.

It's a common misconception that bloggers need photographers to achieve great streetstyle imagery. TRUTH #1: they don't. And here's why:

Take full control of your images the second you begin to understand each function of your camera

A lot of the time when you use a photographer with their own equipment {and arguably, rightly so}, they will shoot you using their own techniques, preferred settings and aesthetic. That's fine, they're the pro. But when you yourself understand exactly what camera function works where, you can set up the hardware to your own preference, resulting in the exact aesthetic you want for your blog.

Save money, use a friend or partner to shoot for you

TRUTH #2 my boyfriend takes all of my outfit pictures for me. He's never studied photography a day in his life. I've used photographers in the past, paid them or allowed them full rights to the images. But in knowing my own camera's power and it's functions, I set it up suitably for the setting in which we are shooting, and he points and clicks. In between shots I'll run up, check the outcome, and adjust the aperture/shutter speed/shooting mode/white balance/ISO accordingly and so on. 

You save a tonne of time in editing

When you've shot your own photography {or set it up correctly so someone else can do it for you} you're already pretty pleased with the outcome. You save so much time in post-pro adjusting and tweaking it to death until it's just right.

{LIFE HACK: I have saved RAW presets in my Photoshop library to apply the correct edit immediately, whether it's streestyle, home, a flatlay or scenary}

You can rest easy that your images are your own

I don't know about you, but I feel an overwhelming sense of pride when I hit publish on a post that I had 99-100% input in. Having full ownership of your content is so important in the internet world and protects you and your rights as a content creator. Hey, you can even add photographer to your CV!

It is more valuable to buy your own DSLR + learn it than it is to pay a photographer

Not to repeat myself, but 1} you're learning a lifetime skill that could lead to more work in the future, 2} you can spend £350 on a basic model and then invest in a really great lens {my f/1.8 50mm was £100 and it is my absolute go-to} to up the quality and 3} that's literally it. No pay-as-you-go photographer contracts racking up £50-100 a time, no fitting in to someone elses schedule. This is your content, your imagery and your job. Nail it.

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