Eileva Tide Studio was founded by Luci, a twenty something free-spirit hailing from a small plant-filled home studio on England's south coast.

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What does Eileva mean?

Our namesake derives from a blend of both my maternal and paternal grandmother's names, Eileen and Eve.

These women shaped who I am today, and are two of the strongest, most ferociously loving and caring women to ever walk the face of the earth. 

Eve grew up in Liverpool, and during World War II was sent to Southampton in the Women's Air Force. Initially overlooked by her superiors, she was desperate to be an engineer in the WAF, and although she was told time and time again she wasn't clever enough, not strong enough, she fought to study alongside her work and ultimately passed the test with top marks. She is a woman of ten thousand stories that will have you hanging on every word. Widowed at 54, with four young children, she took life by the reigns and built a family stronger than any other I've come across. A true matriarchal figure, she's still going strong at age 94, living independently, and teaching her tens of grandchildren daily about the importance of strength, persistence and never giving up.

Eileen was my paternal Grandmother. She gave herself entirely to the people she loved, and up until the day she died in 2016 she loved fiercely, trusted emphatically, and listened earnestly. In a family full of very headstrong individuals, she was the calming presence in any room and would always ask about your day before telling you about hers. She loved nothing more than hiking through nature and reminiscing about the 'good old days', and she taught me how to see the good in everybody and everything. A pure heart if ever there were one, I still feel her with me to this day, teaching me calmness, love and gratitude.


What is it about the tide?

The ocean was a big part of my childhood. Nanny Eve lived a 5-minute walk from the sea and every single Saturday we would walk with my Mum, aunties and cousins to play in the rock pools and pebbles. With my Dad's family, we would go crabbing every year in small a town called Keyhaven and stay in a caravan by the sea. My Grandad would teach me about the fish, and how to catch the crabs, while Nanny Eileen would make sure I didn't wade out too far and was always positively slathered in sun cream. When I smell the sea, I feel home. And even now at age 25 living 2 hours from my hometown, I feel an emotional pull to the ocean.

studio Manifesto

At Eileva Tide we believe in new beginnings and endless possibilities. We want you to look at your business and feel how you'd feel if you were stood at the tip of a dock, toes poking over the edge, soaking in the calming waves and beautiful sunset. We believe that every day is a fresh start to create something amazing, and we want to create that for you.

I now help some of the most influential women in the online creatives industry bring clarity, automation, gorgeously unique design and productivity to their businesses, and blog about things that'll help you get there, too!